How To Find Rebuilt and Used Car Transmissions For Sale

Posted by Linda Wright on 21st Jul 2014

When you're in the market for used and rebuilt transmissions, it's imperative to look

for quality. You can't rely on those from a junkyard unless you know their history.

They may be cheap but are probably older and will require more work and probably

a long drawn out process for the repair.

You can rest assured our transmissions have been inspected and checked for quality. 

Many have been rebuilt so that they run completely which

allows you to make a repair without spending money on a new part.

Our mechanics have a thorough understanding of transmissions. Regardless if it's a

manual or automatic, we'll have it in our inventory or we'll procure it for you. We're

passionate about auto mechanics and excellence in rebuilding transmissions is a skill

we take pride in. Should you be in the market for one, you can count on us to find

exactly what you need.

Our shop inspects each transmission we acquire to determine what it needs. We then

conduct a complete overhaul and test before putting it on the market. When you buy

from us, you can count on a high quality, trustworthy transmission. Whether you're

doing the repair work yourself or handing it over to a mechanic, we'll make sure it's

delivered precisely where it needs to go.